"Connecting RVs for Hire with People Who Want Them"

Enjoy Life On The Road Without The Cost

Finally you can enjoy the freedom of life on the road without the cost of buying and maintaining your own RV and all of the leisure equipment that goes with it.

You can HIRE an RV for a tiny fraction of the cost of owning it. You can also forget about having to seperately hire Canoes/Kayaks, Paddle/Surf Boards, Snorkel/Scuba equipment, Fishing Rods, Clubs/Rackets, etc. etc. by the hour (which is very costly over a week’s break). Now owners are offering all sorts of extras to ensure you enjoy the whole outdoor experience.

And you can choose from hundreds of vehicles near you, check out all the photos and description, and talk with the owner directly.

Right now over 500,000 Recreational Vehicles are sitting idle, and we’ve made it simple for the owners to make their vehicles available for you to hire.

Want to go on holiday without spending a small fortune to buy and maintain your own RV or the leisure equipment?

Want to go on holiday without an RV blocking up your driveway or yard for 10 months of the year?

Want to hire an RV to see if it’s really for you before buying one?

Then EZ RV Hire is perfect for you.

Tailor made for your changing needs

No two holidays are the same each time. So why take the same RV? How boring!

Imagine your next holiday is with family and friends. You’ll be able to hire a bigger caravan and have a great time.

Imagine your holiday after that is a more intimate affair. Well, you can hire a smaller, luxury motorhome instead and enjoy a totally different experience.

And when your holiday is over, simply return the RV and you won’t have anything taking up space in your driveway or back yard.

Whatever you need, big or small, luxury or simple, you can find an RV that’s perfect for you.

Here’s how it works

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Search for an RV
  2. Contact the owner and ask all your questions
  3. Book it using the online booking system

You can search all the vehicles for hire totally for free and without needing to sign up.

You can check out all the features, photos, description and sometimes even a video. You can also look at the reviews and comments of previous customers who have hired the same RV. And, at a glance, you can check it’s availability through it’s online calendar.

If you want to hire it, or ask the owner some questions then you either email them using the online form or call then directly on the telephone. It’s simple, it’s quick (it takes about 30 seconds) and it’s absolutely free.

You can now communicate with owners of thousands of vehicles Australia-wide, create reservations and pay, all at the push of a button.

What are the fees?

You don’t pay us anything to rent an RV.

There is no additional fee payable to us to hire vehicles. The owner pays a small fee every time they hire their vehicle. But you make absolutely no payments to us whatsoever at any time.

Any optional extras that the RV Owner provides are made available for your selection at the time of making the booking, so you know upfront exactly what fees you will be paying.

What about insurance?

The owner pays insurance on your behalf.

Want help with your vehicle?

EZ RV Hire makes it easy to ask the owners questions. Get answers quickly. You might be surprised what the owner is prepared to do for you.

The beauty of EZ RV Hire is that you communicate directly with owners. This means you can negotiate where you collect and return your RV, and if you want some help with towing you only have to ask and see what they say.

Handy hint: Many of our renters are hiring RV’s near where they’re holidaying. This means they can drive straight there, or fly and hire a car locally and spend more time holidaying and less time towing an RV.