"Connecting RVs for Hire with People Who Want Them"

Turn Your Idle RV Into Income

If you have an RV taking up space on your driveway or garage you can now turn it into income, along with your other leisure equipment.

That’s because there are tens of thousands of Aussies who love outdoor holidays in an RV, but simply can’t afford to buy or store one.

But they are keen to hire.

So we connect proud owners and responsible hirers in a private exchange that makes it simple to connect, hire, pay and collect - taking care of all the paperwork and insurance needs along the way.

So why not turn that caravan, motorhome or camper trailer into income and even earn extra with your Canoes/Kayaks, Paddle/Surf Boards, Snorkel/Scuba equipment, Fishing Rods, bikes and clubs/racquets?

Imagine checking your email tomorrow morning and finding 3 requests from people, all desperate to hire your RV.

In 5 minutes you answer their questions, and later in the day they confirm their bookings. With a couple of mouse clicks you’ve sent them the paperwork, made the reservation in your calendar and sent them an invoice.

Job done, and now you’re going to sit back and wait for the money to drop into your bank account, safe in the knowledge that all the paperwork, insurance and bookings are taken care of.

Here’s how it works

It’s easy to get started and you’re just 60 seconds away from listing your RV for hire for FREE.

It's easy to list your RV, enter some details and your RV will be available for thousands of potential renters to review and hire.

It’s simple to list your RV. Simply enter a description, a rental price, upload as many photos as you like plus a video and mark when it will and won’t be available in your calendar.

You’ll be guided every step of the way, and have access to loads of free resources to make it easy.

Here are some of the features you can take advantage of:

  • Free step by step video guides and templates
  • A comprehensive hire agreement you can change
  • Pricing and rental bond/security deposit templates
  • Easy communication with potential renters through the communication system
  • Simple, one-click booking and invoice generation
  • Fee tracking, which means the system will automatically cancel bookings if the renter’s fees aren’t paid on time and cancel in calendar
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Automatic reminders to contact your insurance company when your RV is collected and returned

Easy tracking and management of your RV listing

EZ RV Hire automates everything for you. It’s so simple that anyone can do it.

We’ve done away with the complicated, messy paperwork. With the click of a mouse button, you can:

  • Send your hire agreement to the renter
  • Send a deposit payment request, and
  • Block the dates out in your RV’s calendar

You can also communicate with renters through the communication portal. And you’ll get an email every time there’s a new message in there for you.

Plus if your booking fees aren’t paid on time, the system will automatically cancel the booking and free up the time in the calendar.

What are the fees?

It’s absolutely free to list your RV.

You only pay a small administration fee when your RV is actually booked out. If it’s not booked, you don’t pay.

Our fees are only 5% of the booking price. And it’s free to advertise, you only pay when your RV is booked.

This is surprisingly cheap to have your vehicle instantly put in front of thousands of potential renters. Especially when the majority of your rental fees go back into advertising, which in turn attract even more potential renters.

And because your RV will be exposed to thousands of people, you’ll get lots more bookings than if you did it alone.

Best of all it removes your biggest challenges which are finding people who want to hire your RV and managing the paperwork.

What about insurance?

Insurance is easy to manage, and most RV insurance policies have a Hire Use Option you can activate and add renters to.

When your RV is collected, you simply contact your insurance company and add the renter’s name onto the policy. When it’s returned, you contact your insurance company again and remove their name.

And the EZ RV Hire system reminds you to contact your insurance company as soon as your RV is collected and returned.

The additional insurance costs are charged the following month, and they’re generally a nominal fee.

We recommend CIL Insurance, and their conditions are simple. You get $20 million in legal liability insurance, and you only have to comply with a few conditions including:

  • the renter is 25 years or age or over
  • there is a written Hire Agreement for the RV Owner that is signed by the person hiring the RV showing that person’s name, address, and current Drivers Licence (or International Driving Permit) number, and registration number of the vehicle used for towing your RV, and the date the hire starts and ends
  • and you took reasonable care to check that the identification of the person hiring it (e.g. ID apart from the driving license like a Medicare card, Bank account details or Passport number)