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RV Hirer

Hiring a Recreational Vehicle

Do I need a brake controller on my tow vehicle for towing?
This depends on the Recreational Vehicle, in some cases they already have override brakes, in which case a brake controller is not needed.
What if my vehicle is not capable of towing a Recreational Vehicle
You may be able to arrange a delivery service to you destination with the RV Owner, and this is something you can include as part of the Hire Agreement. Although we encourage RV Owners to offer this service, it is up to each individual as to whether the can provide this as an optional extra.
Do the Recreational Vehicles have annexes?
In many cases yes, but please check the Recreational Vehicle description to confirm.
Are there any Recreational Vehicle available for hire long term?
Yes with some listings, check the availability calendar and make a Booking Request.
What happened is we have an accident or my car breaks down?
The RV Owner has Comprehensive Insurance and Breakdown Cover on their Recreational Vehicle, and so all you need to do is contact the RV Owner.

Insurance Protection for the Hire

Who pays for the insurance on the Recreational Vehicle whilst hired?
The Recreational Vehicle insurance is covered by the Recreational Vehicle owner as an extension of their exiting policy. The premiums are adjusted on a pro-rata monthly basis, depending on the number of hires. The costs for this is included as part of the hire fees.
What does the insurance cover?
Typically the insurance policy covers against loss or damage to the Recreational Vehicle or annexe plus legal liability cover for the RV Owner for up to $20 Million.

Hire Payments and Processing

At what stages are my hire payment required?
Once the Recreational Vehicle Owner has Confirmed the Booking you have seven days from when you made the Booking Request to pay the deposit of 10% of the total hire cost. If you have not already paid the 10% deposit after three days you will be sent a Payment Reminder email. If the payment is still not received after seven days the booking will be Cancelled automatically. Thirty-five days before the Hire Start Date you will be automatically sent a Balance Reminder email. This payment also includes any Bond Fee, which is refundable and then end of the hire.
How are payments processed?
This depends on the Recreational Vehicle Owner, and the instruction for this will be listed in section 10 of your Hire Agreement. Payment could be via PayPal or they may simply provide their bank details for you to do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
How much commission do you charge?
We provide you with advertising, your own booking and payment management system, and many more features that range from a video profile, adding your own extra goods/services, and provisioning customers reviews and ratings. You get everything for a commission fee of just 5% of the booking price.

RV Owner

Listing Your Recreational Vehicle

How many photos can I upload?
You can upload as many Photos as you like as long as they are no bigger than 2Mb is size. There is also a facility to publish a Video.  Please refer to the RV Owner Video Tutorials.
How long does it take to setup my advertisement?
Not very long, we provide you with a template and carefully guide you through a step-by-step setup process that needs to be completed before the Recreational Vehicle advertisement can be published.
Can I remove my Recreational Vehicle from being advertised when it suits me?
Yes, you have total flexibility on whether to want to Publish or Unpublish your advertisement listing whenever you want.
Can I decide on the conditions of hiring my Recreational Vehicle?
Yes, when listing just state the conditions of use and when your Recreational Vehicle will be available and you can decide on a individual basis whether each and every individual renter meets your criteria. You are under no obligation whatsoever, and the Booking Request remains Provisional until you have screened and Approved for yourself.
Can customers telephone me directly?
Yes, your contact Telephone Number is published and the customer can use this or the online Enquiry Form to get in touch with you
Can I book the Recreational Vehicle out for my own user?
Yes, we call this a Black Booking, and it could be used for personal use or if you advertise elsewhere, and want to restrict the availability during specific dates. Please note: We track all the page views, enquiries and other correspondence, and if it is determined that a customer was introduced via ezrvhire.com.au and the RV Owner subsequently made a Black Booking to avoid the Commission Charges, there will be no questions and the RV Owner account will be automatically Disabled.
Can I cancel a Booking Request?
Yes, when the booking is initially made the customer is instructed that this is a Provisional Booking, and the Recreational Vehicle Owner needs to Approve the Booking. As part of this process the customer will be sent an email, whcih also provide instructions on how to make the Deposit Payment.
You have set the Deposit value at 10% of the Booking can we change this?
No, this is a global ezrvhire.com.au site setting and is the same for all bookings.
What if the renter decides to cancel the booking?
The Hire Agreement stipulates the conditions of Booking Cancellations and Deposit Refunds. As part of the booking confirmation the Renter accepts Hire Agreement, which is a legally binding contract.
Can I hire out a Recreational Vehicle that is on a site?
Yes, just arrange for entry and keys etc.
What happens if someone posts negative comments on a review that I do not agree with?
If negative Review is submitted we will investigate further, and to try and identify the source of the problem. We have no mechanism to change the Review submitted by the customer, and can only control if under investigation whether the Review is Published or not.
What assurance or evidence can you provide that will ensure we are successful in the hire of our Recreational Vehicle?
Quite simply, we can’t. We provide a service that supports your desire to hire your Recreational Vehicle, and help by performing the advertising and administration tasks. But at the end of the day much depends on value and quality of the service that you deliver to the end customer – and we have no control on this aspect of the service.
We have different rates and minimun days for peak and off-peak, so how do we relflect this?

We have a weekly rate which is $525 which is $75 per day. Our minimum hire at any time is 3 days which is $270 which is $90 per day. All hires during school holidays are minimum of one week. How can I reflect all of that?

Go into the Settings/Tariff screen and do the following in this EXACT ORDER;

a) where it says "Choose whether to set prices or minimum days" select the "Set Minimum Days" option.  Below you will see boxes below each days of the week, which you need to enter a number 3 for each day, and the don't forget to select the day abbreviation box above this to apply the changes in the entire calendar. 
b) Now to set specific minimum days for just summer holidays.  Below the above you will then see a "Set minimum days by date interval"'  Select the specific dates during the school summer holiday period that you want to set the minimum days, enter 7 in the box below and then select the Apply button.
It has to be done this way round because if you done b) before a) everything you previous entered would be overwritten to 3 days, as it does this for the whole calendar. 
If someone trying to book for a period less that you specify above they get an information message to say that the booking they are trying to make does not meet the minimum day requirements, and they have the ability to extend the period of booking.
The only issue is that because you presumably don't have specific swap over days, the seven days could start on any day in the week, but the argument against this is it allows you to be very flexible and make a call on each booking request on what you want to do.


How do I enter a Black Booking?

Black booking are very easy to enter and the Manage My Recreation Video (Support/RV Owners Tutoirials) describes in one of the chapters how to do this.

Once registered simply login and then select the Dashboard menu item.  From this screen select the "+ Black Booking" button and then on the next screen select the "New Black Booking" button. 

From here you enter the "from" and "to" days and then select the "Apply" button, thend enter a description and press the "Save" button and that's it. 

These days are now marked as unavailable in your calendar, and as results booking requests can not be submitted between these dates.

Hire Payments and Processing

How are payments processed?
This depends on the Recreational Vehicle Owner, and the instruction for this will be listed in section 10 of your Hire Agreement. Payment could be via PayPal or they may simply provide their bank details for you to do an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
Can I control how much is taken as a Bond payment?
Yes, this is setup as part of the Invoice Settings setup. Here you set your own Bond amount that is collected prior to the hire.